In Race/LA, teams of two make their way to locations around the L.A. area - some famous and some little-known - performing challenges and solving clues that lead to their next destinations, all while racing against other teams in a heated competition to reach the finish line first!

20th Year - A Very Special Race/LA

As we celebrate our 20th year, we're putting together a brand new event that will leave the boundaries of LA County for the first time! Race/LA will take you on a round-the-world adventure right here in Southern California. In each race, players make their way to many cultural, historical, natural and entertainment-related attractions, from hidden Hollywood secrets to spectacular architectural treasures, and from tranquil parks and gardens to busy urban shopping areas.

Spend an unforgettable day on a thrilling journey that will have you discovering new places, solving challenging clues, meeeting new people and having an amazing day of fun that you'll never forget!

Race/LA Overview

Read the complete Rules and FAQ here.

is around 5 hours, beginning at 9:00am.

COST $275 per team of two.

is by car, on foot, and occasionally by other methods. Race/LA may occur anywhere within the greater Los Angeles area, usually covering between 25-45 driving miles from start to finish. Players will not know in advance exactly where they will be traveling.

CLUES are in sealed envelopes at each location, and may be photographs, hints, puzzles, specific directions or some combination of these. Teams often have to perform a certain task or challenge before receiving their next clue.

ONE WAY clues contain a task that only one member of each team will perform.

INTERSECTION clues give teams a choice of two different tasks, with different advantages and disadvantages to each.

MERGE clues force two teams to temporarily team up to complete a task together.

FASTLANE cards allow teams to skip one location.

SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS Race/LA is a physically active event. Players should be in reasonably good physical shape, although you definintely do not need to be an athlete. Teams should be able to think and act quickly, and work well together.

MONITORS are an integral part of Race/LA, and often have as much fun as players. Monitors are stationed at locations throughout the race.