CityRace Urban Adventure Hunts are fun-filled, fast-paced scavenger hunts where you'll solve clues & puzzles, answer tricky questions, and uncover hidden secrets as you and your team explore one of LA's best loved iconic neighborhoods.  You'll have 90 minutes to navigate your way through historic sites, famous landmarks and undiscovered treasures on a quest to be first to finish with the most correct answers!

City Race Urban Adventure Hunts are completed entirely on foot within a compact, defined area. You’ll be on your feet but this is not a running race in any way – you can walk, run, stroll or jog. Along the way, you’ll discover hidden secrets and little-known facts while solving tricky puzzles and fun challenges. Your goal is to be first to finish with the highest score before time runs out.

Teams can be 2 to 4 participants. If you have a larger group, you can play together as multiple teams.

Teams have 90 minutes to complete the game. You’ll receive all (or most) of your materials at the start.

How you proceed through the game is up to you!  All teams will be solving the same puzzles and clues, but not necessarily in the same order.

How to win? Each CityRace has its own unique winning formula – in some cases you must have the most correct answers. In others, you must use information you’ve discovered to solve a challenging final puzzle before time runs out.

Help and hints are available if you get stuck.

Complete Rules & FAQ are here.

Colorful, magical and bursting with life, Olvera Street is home to dozens of craftspeople, artisan shops, and historic structures celebrating our city's Mexican heritage and cultural diversity. In this fun-filled adventure through Los Angeles's oldest neighborhood, you'll solve puzzles, play games and uncover hidden secrets leading you through the city's birthplace...and maybe even to victory!

Saturday, June 22 at 10am and 11am
Saturday, July 20 at 10am and 11am

$30 per player


The iconic Santa Monica Pier and Boardwalk are the perfect setting for this clue-solving adventure! From Pacific Park to street performers, local crafts and hidden secrets, your team will set out an a mysterious mission through the heart of Santa Monica in a quest to find the long lost Jewel of the Pacific!

Saturday, June 29 at 10am and 11am
Saturday, July 13 at 10am and 11am

$30 per player