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What's the difference between CityRace and Race/LA?
We hold two different types of events:

Race/LA, held once or twice yearly, is a day-long, citywide event for teams of two, based loosely on The Amazing Race.

CityRace Urban Adventure Hunts are 3-hour, neighborhood specific clue-solving hunts for teams of 2, 3 or 4. CityRace hunts are held throughout the year.

CityRace clues focus more on using brainpower, research and puzzle-solving skills whereas the clues in Race/LA often involve more navigation around the city and physical activities.

The rest of this FAQ is for Race/LA. For the CityRace FAQ, go here.

When are the next races?
Spring 2017 - date to be announced soon. Race/LA is usually held once or twice a year, either in the spring or in the fall. To be first to hear about new races and registration, sign up for our e-mail newsletter.

How far in advance can I register?
Registration usually begins 8-10 weeks before each event. You can register now for May's races.

How much does it cost?
($230 per team of two. Because space is very limited for Race/LA, you will not find any discount offers for this event on other websites.

Do you hold races in other cities?
Not at this time, but possibly in the future.

How familiar with Los Angeles do I need to be?
We've had participants from other states, and even from other countries. As long as you have a good map and aren't afraid to ask strangers for help, you don't need to be familiar with the city at all. Obviously, knowing the fastest way to get from Point A to Point B can be advantageous, but being able to think quickly and make smart decisions will be much more helpful to you in the long run.

How long is Race/LA?
The race begins at 8:30 am and usually finishes between 2:30 and 3:00 pm. Most races are divided into two legs, separated by a brief rest stop around lunch time.

Can children participate?
Race/LA is not recommended for children under the age of 15.

Why isn't Race/LA held more frequently?
Unlike many other "scavenger hunt" type races that will send you off with a flimsy page of 'clues' and/or your digital camera, Race/LA is designed to truly give players the experience of competing on The Amazing Race. It can take 4 to 6 months to put together, test and refine each event. For some races, we obtain special permission to include tasks at various arts, cultural, spiritual, and entertaiment-related locations. Obviously, those types of locations would not permit an event of this nature to return repeatedly every weekend.

Does Race/LA include dangerous or high-risk tasks?
No. The tasks in Race/LA are open to almost everyone, require no special skills and are not unusually hazardous. However, players should be in reasonably good physical (and mental!) condition.

No phones? No GPS? You're kidding, right?
We're not kidding, and the reason is simple... Race/LA is not about huddling over your iPhone searching for answers or directions. We want you to look out, not down. Use your eyes, your ears, your intuition, talk to people, find your way... experience your city in a way you may have never done before.

Obviously we don't confiscate phones at the start of the race, so if you do have a true emergency, you will be able to use your phone.

Can I change my team partner after I've registered?

Can you create private races and special events?
Yes. More information is available here.

How did Race/LA begin?
The first race was held in October, 2004. More information is on the About Us page of the website.

Are you affiliated with CBS-TV or The Amazing Race?
No. However several previous contestants from that show have participated in our events.

Our team was ahead in our race. Then, there was a point where we had to wait and everyone else caught up to us. Why do you do that?
Some races have one or two "regrouping" or "equalizing" points - locations where the next task happens at a specified time, allowing most teams to catch up to each other. The reasons for this are:

1. To accommodate the opening hours of a certain business

2. Some types of tasks can only be done once, and therefor need to be done by all teams together at the same time

This also helps keep the race competitive, manageable and fun - and gives teams that have fallen behind some hope of a second chance. Teams in the lead sometimes get upset at these locations, but we've observed that those in the lead prior to the regrouping point tend to remain in the lead afterwards.

Do the winners get prizes?
The winning team receives a cash prize of $250. The second-place team receives a cash prize of $50.

However, the focus of Race/LA is not on awarding large prizes - it is on providing a fun and unforgettable experience.

I'm not sure if this type of event is for me - any advice?
Do you dream about being on a tv show like The Amazing Race? Do you like competition? If so, you will love Race/LA!

Good navigation skills, regardless of whether you're familiar with the area, are helpful. Choose a teammate that you communicate well with. Although you definitely don't need to be an athlete, you should be in reasonably good physical shape. Running is never required, however it is often advantageous.

If you're not especially interested in competetive activities, you're mainly looking for a day of unusual sightseeing, or you're already thinking about when you'll eat lunch... well, this might not be the event for you.

Is every race different?
Usually, but sometimes previous races are repeated. For this reason, you won't find too many specific details about previous races on our website as they may be repeated again in the future.

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