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• At least one member of each team must be 18 years of age or older.

• Race/LA is a physically active event. Players should be in reasonably good physical shape. You don't need to be an athlete (or an L.A. trivia expert) but you should be able to think and act quickly, and work together as a team. No special skills or abilities are required. Running is optional, but often can be advantageous.

• Each team needs their own car, although only one driver per team is required.

• Each team may bring a printed map, however no other types of travel books or guides are allowed.

• With the exception of cameras, players may not use any types of electronic devices including cell phones and in-car or portable GPS at any time during Race/LA. Using a printed map and/or asking strangers for help is permitted and encouraged!

• There may be locations where running or excessive noise are not permitted. Failure to follow this rule may result in elimination from the race.

• Although occasional alliances with other teams may form (and dissolve) during the day, Race/LA is designed to be played by teams of two players only. Participating in the race as a team of more than two players is not allowed.

TRAVEL. Race/LA may occur anywhere within Los Angeles County. Each race typically covers about 25-40 driving miles from start to finish. Players will not know in advance exactly where they will be traveling. However, you will never be asked to travel to any unusually dangerous locations or perform any unusually hazardous activities.

Teams travel primarily by car and on foot, but also occasionally by other methods. Your car will be nearby at the end of the race.

Team members must travel together at all times and may not split up or separate unless specifically told to. No one is permitted to be in your car other than the two members of your team. Traffic laws must be observed at all times. This is not a road race. Speeding or reckless driving is not permitted.

RAIN DATE. In the unlikely event of substantial rain, Race/LA may be postponed to a later date. If your team is unable to participate on that date, your payment will be completely refunded.

REST STOPS. The race will have one brief rest stop around lunch time. The rest stop gives teams a chance to relax, eat and mingle with (or strategize against) other teams. When arriving at the rest stop, both team members should first check-in with a monitor to be clocked in and begin the rest period. The clue for the next location will be given as teams leave the rest stop.

COSTS and REGISTRATION. The cost is $115 per person ($230 per team of two). Payment in full is required at the time of registration. Players can also expect to spend an additional amount during the race (usually less than $10 per person), primarily on parking.

Will be updated when next Race/LA dates are announced.

RACE ID. Each player will receive a Race/LA ID at the start of the race, which must be worn at all times. This will identify you to other racers and to race Monitors. In some locations, you will be required to show your Race ID to receive your next clue.

ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE. If you get stuck on a clue or find yourself lost, you will be given a phone number to which you may make any number of Roadside Assistance calls during the race. You will be given a generous hint that will help you move forward. However, your team will be given a 10-minute time penalty for each call you make, either at the rest stop or usually deducted from your arrival time at the finish line.

MONITORS. Monitors are stationed at many locations throughout the race and have a variety of duties, including:

- Checking in and greeting teams at some locations
- Giving teams their next clues, puzzles or games
- Tracking the progress of teams throughout the race
- Insuring that teams are following the rules

In locations where monitors are present, their instructions must be followed.

CLUES are in sealed envelopes at each location. Clues may be photographs, hints, puzzles - or some combination of these. Teams often have to perform a certain task or activity before receiving their next clue. Clues should be read thoroughly and carefully. Instructions in your clues must be followed exactly. Take only one clue envelope from each location. Of course you'd never think of doing so, but just in case: never open, move or alter any of the other clue envelopes - doing so would result in your elimination from the race.

ONE WAY. Clues marked ONE WAY contain a task that only one member of your team will perform. You will receive a hint about the task, and then must decide which team member will perform it before opening the complete clue. Once your decision is made, it can't be changed.

INTERSECTION. Clues marked INTERSECTION give you a choice of two different tasks, with different advantages and disadvantages to each. You will receive complete information about each task before you make your decision, and you're free to change your mind at any time (but of course, this could cost you extra time).

MERGE. When your team reaches the MERGE location in the race, you must wait for the next team to arrive and then perform the next task together with them as a temporary team of four.

FAST LANE. Several FastLane cards are hidden inside clue envelopes. If you find a FastLane card, you will skip the next destination in the race. The clue inside the envelope with the card will be for the following destination. Simply follow the instructions on that clue.

PENALTIES AND DISQUALIFICATION. Time penalties will be given for failure to perform a task as instructed in a clue, so be sure to read clues slowly and carefully! Players will be disqualified and asked to leave the race for intentionally cheating, or abusing/harassing monitors or other participants.

FALLING BEHIND. If your teams falls significantly behind, it may not be possible for you to continue in the race due to the citywide logistics involved in moving from place to place with a large number of people. There are typically one or two locations in each race that will serve as checkpoints, meaning that your team must arrive at each of these locations by a certain time, otherwise you may not be able to complete the race. We'll try our best to let you continue, but remember: you are in a race, not a sightseeing tour! Details will be given at the start of the race.

LEAVING THE RACE. If you must leave the race before finishing, please call the Roadside Assistance number and let us know, as there will be people stationed at locations throughout the city waiting for your team to arrive.

WINNING. The first team whose players both reach the Race/LA mat at the finish line is the winner. The winning team will receive a cash prize of $250, and eternal fame and recognition as part of our website's Winners Circle. The second-place team will receive a cash prize of $50.

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